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10-26-2003, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Nick Blue
Please dont "over police" this board. Yeah there were a couple of "iffy" comments in the Jackman thread but there were A LOT more good messages in there.

Nobody likes a board that is over moderated and it is in my opinion that you are over moderating this board which is probably why traffic is so low.

After all, this is hockey we are talking about. Some abrasiveness should be permitted.

The only time you should step in is when somebody is incessantly spamming this board, other than that you should try maximize posting in here, rather than keeping everyone on such a short leash.

The other boards on HF are nowhere nearly policed as much as you police this board.

You need to back off a little. Nothing personal.

If you want to say something like this, do it via PM. (This is for Nick and everyone else.) I was asked by others to close it, and since I'm on a short schedule at the moment I didn't worry about re-opening it. (PB always has that option if he so chooses.)

If you (or anyone else) has a problem with the way the board is modded, you can always take it up the chain to a super-mod (user name is in italics) or to Buffaloed (the administrator).

This will be locked, any further comments should follow the above protocol.

No promises this time.
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