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10-02-2011, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Finnpin View Post
The movie was made for international markets. Dvd/blu-ray release also in the US next month.

English education starts from grade 3 when you are about 10 years old and international tv shows aren't dubbed (except some children series/movies).
Originally Posted by FinRuutu View Post
Everyone has English lessons since 3rd-4th grade. Most of TV-shows are from States and not dubbed but subtitled. Basically everyone in Finland can speak English, but only few can pronounce. Biggest problem is that almost everyone has the vocabulary but are afraid to speak so when they do it's not fluent but nervous and awkward.
I was trying to say "did a decent job AT communicating" my superior English skills on display today

When I spoke with the foreigners I definitely got the sense of nervousness (except for these 2 guys who were probably drunk and bought DVM and I a beer just because DVM had on a Selanne jersey)... I don't mind it at all, they probably speak better English than I could speak Finnish. So I credit them for visiting and making an attempt to speak the language.

Originally Posted by QnebO View Post
Well, the fact that we have another official language, Swedish, and its taught from 7th grade and English is taught from 3rd grade tells you alot. Its most important foreign language easily and even more important than our second mother tongue. And you see it used even in finnish tv-commercials, because in some commercials it sounds cooler and so on..

Im sure the next generations will speak english fluent and write better because internet. Even if we allready do it pretty good (not including me, using hfboards is actually part of my plant to learn english lol)
You don't want to learn to speak/write english from here... most people don't even know how to use the proper word (i.e. their vs they're vs there)

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