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10-26-2003, 11:06 AM
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Let me start off by saying i might be reading too much into this at this moment.

My personally feeling is that this could be the fallout of the Thursday meeting between Burke and McCaw, there have been absolutely no news on that meeting, and it has been 3 full days passed that meeting. Maybe they just decided to announce the deal tomorrow Monday which is Burke's favorite date, and is not a gameday.

However, what if McCaw rejected the Bertuzzi deal and the excuse is that McCaw does not want to commit to a long term deal especailly with the strong possibility of changing owner and the new CBA is coming up and want to leave that Bertuzzi's decision to the potential new owner.

And we all know that Burke has a big ego, and has apparently really want this Bertuzzi contract to happen, and the media will criticize his power if he cannot get this Bertuzzi deal done.

Well since Burke has suggested that the team is very committed to winning short term, i will suggested that has been supported by McCaw as well, and indicated by the signing of Hedberg, Cloutier and Avredsson to a one deal, this is the year they really want to do something. And McCaw will be willing to dish off the cash and make this team look like a true winner to make it looks attractive to the buyer. The problem as mentioned before is the fact that McCaw has to make this team look like a true contentor this year while keeping it as sustainable salary management for next year.

So what is the solution to the problem? As all of you clever posters have already guessed, the solution will be to get as many quality players as possible with a one year deal. And we can go back to the point of Bryan Berard, here the guy that still carry the reputation of the past, i mean if any of you actually watch the way he played last season, he was arguably the best dman that Boston had, and was very solid on both ends of the ice. Definately much more solid than Sopel is this season. When it is all said and done Sopel might be a better player than Berard, but since Burke and McCaw are looking at this team in a very short term basis right now, don't be surprise to see the team increasing the salary of this season and improve the d-core with Berard, and subsequently dealt Sopel, plus prospects or draft pick for some more firepower.

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