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10-02-2011, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Cleary84 View Post
Don't be so defensive, man. Maybe it's just the nature of message boards posts that made mine sound like I was condemning you. I wasn't exactly sure what you meant in your post and if you were in fact knocking him or not. You have every right to an opinion of him and his home. And I have every right to question you why lol. It's not a big deal. It's a cool pad.
Yes, tremendous pad and one any guy would want for sure.

I don't how you could expect me not to get defensive... I just didn't understand why I was kinda called out on it... I suppose I can man up and say that maybe my wording was not what I wanted to be in clarity and it was open for incorrect interpretation, and let's let it go at that.

I any case I wasn't really upset, as much as a tad befuddled... I hope my prior explanation cleared up my original post... No problem whatsoever.

BTW/FWIW: I liked Richie as both a player and as a personality... had mixed feelings on his being ready to be captain, even after a couple years on the job... I doubt there were problems between him and the Organization stemming from his lifestyle, but believe there were problems between him and the local Media. I can believe there may have been problems in the Room dealing with leadership, but am not convinced one way or another and may never know... I do like the return and I'm optimistic about the future with the young talent now on board, at least the potential.

I harbour no ill feelings toward Richie and wish him well going forth in everything that does not negatively effect the Flyers... and I wish him well with his wonderful life outside of the rink; we should all be so well set up and have such great taste.


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