Thread: Eklund: Leafs and Oilers in talks
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10-02-2011, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Poignant Discussion View Post
Injury wise, absolutely. If your argument was he was a 80 point scorer year 1-6 and a 40 point scorer year 7 and 8, I could see a change of scenery argument. But injuries man, it's easier to get hurt when you get older and it's even easier to get hurt of you have been hurt before.

Not to mention the Leafs have enough injury prone players to start a small island with, just not the right time nor the right player
Please stop mentioning the Leafs i never said anything about Hemsky going there. I was only addressing his injuries. Gaborik and Statsny have both rebounded from earlier injury troubles, as have numerous others. I could see your point if we were comparing the last 2 season to only 2 prior but 7 prior seasons is far to big a sample size to dismiss in favour. Also Hemsky is in his prime, he's not old by any means his body can recover. The injury he suffered the past 2 seasons is considered rarely reoccuring once fixed by surgery. The particular injury is more important than anything when determinig the likelihood of him suffering another.

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