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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post

Your the one coming off as fickle. My posts are pretty tame and straight forward compared to yours. I didn't even offer an opinion on Gomez, I didn't say he was good, or going to be awesome, all I merely said was isn't it better to enjoy the positives than worry about the negatives.
What about "tame" or "straight forward"? Why did you bother posting anything in the first place if you're just saying that you didn't say anything of value?

I'm "coming off as fickle"? You're the one who ignores my very real, albeit cynical, argument (after insulting my "fandom" mind you) and just said that you don't even have an opinion on Gomez. Why did you even bother posting in the first place if you can't even argue your point?

I didn't take any personal shots or make any strawman arguments, you can easily muster up some points to counter mine (tap into your positivity well ) like actually decent contributors like MathMan do. Even he would be careful to say anything about Gomez in the preseason because the games don't count, the stakes are different, the rinks are even different and the motivations are different.

My theory is that Gomez is playing hard(er) than he can sustain throughout the season to get the fickle fans (you, Kriss E, Team990 listeners, etc.) and the media on his side as soon as possible - and that he'll regress again*. It's not evil or wrong of him to do so, but I'm a bit more careful than to fall for it. The opposition and his teammates might not be playing as hard as he is and therefore he will/can/does stand out from the rest. When the games matter and there's something at stake, when everyone is playing hard and grinding it out in game 37 in the long winter will we see the "Sept 14-Sept 30 of 2011" Gomez or the Gomez of 2007-2011?

Positivity? Subban and Price. Gorges looking great. Emelin throwing hits. Diaz with his tape-to-tape passes. Cammy, Patches and Cole. Enough said.

Don't call me a negative nelly or insult my fandom because you lack sense.

*To elaborate, by the time you're in the NHL you all have the basic skills to kick ass if it was 1 on 0. You can all pass, shoot and skate very very well. It's the drive, and mental and physical ability that factor into a lot of things. Gomez is motivated in a very unique way, coming off a career worst season, and he wants to atone for it and get the heat off asap. As soon as he DOES play well (ppg streak) and other teams ramp up their pressure on him his game is gonna fall down, especially 5 on 5. There is no way Gomez of the past 4 season gets anything more than 35 ES points, even though he really should be.

tl;dr Gomez ain't gonna pull himself up much and it's self-denial to think otherwise. There is all the reason in the world to think that he'll be just as bad/mediocre as he's been all along and to continue his terrible trend and he's shown very little to convince me otherwise.

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