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10-26-2003, 11:34 AM
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I think Quintal comes across as expendable because he is at the end of his career, and isn't overly needed on this team.

You raise some good points and I'll change my tune on my "Quintal is expendable" rants. :p

I do like Quintal a lot with Souray. They're a tower of power. But I'd like to see Komisarek even more with Souray. Call it blinded love for Komisarek if you want, but I think the kid's NHL ready and would benefit tremendously from playing with Souray.

Quintal is okay. He doesn't anticipate the play well, has terrible mobility, and doesn't use his size as he can. He's a heart and soul player, but due to a lack of mobility and not a real meanstreak, he doesn't bash opponents' heads much.

On the upside, he will always give it his all. He'll stand up for teammates if he sees it's needed (though he failed to deliver on this count when THeodore was ran against the NYI last year, and he was on the ice). He'll play the system and do what he's told, more or less. That's the impression I get from him.

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