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10-03-2011, 03:18 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
*******, I'm not a "negative nancy" I'm just sick of the bipolar-ism rampant among you fickle sports fans. You give sane hockey fans a bad name.

Let him play something that means more than a scrimmage before you declare he's playing like anything, much less "good".

These games are MEANINGLESS. If he scored a hat-trick every game I still wouldn't bat an eye, these games ARE MEANINGLESS. As far as I'm concerned his last game was when we lost to Boston in game 7 and he sucked, just like he did every other game that series and almost every game last season. He gave the puck away, misfired, mispassed, and brought an entire line down for over 82 games last year, he has NO faith on my behalf.

Gomez was worse than trash. He was worse than "snake-bit". He was worse than "streaky". He had no streak, he had nothing. Just a J-hook and a giveaway, five to eight times a game. He was terrible, probably the WORST bang-for-buck player in the NHL. THE WORST.

To get out of being THE WORST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE you have to deliver something more than a good effort in a scrimmage.

He obviously did nothing to change his game throughout last season, even when things were obviously not working therefore I have no faith in him or his stupid bandwagon fanbase who always need an underdog to cheer for. You're probably the same hockey-blind idiots who were running Price out of town because feelgood story Jaro Halak had two good rounds in the playoffs. Or think Andrei Kostitsyn can "turn it around" and Roman Hamrlik is the final key to the puzzle and thing that Gainey was a terrible GM or Gauthier losing Dominic Moore was a travesty. If not you personally than the rest of you, you know who you are. STOP BEING SO DENSE.

If it isn't in the 82+Playoff games IT. DOES. NOT. COUNT.

Gomez can pull off some sick moves in as many scrimmages as he wants, I can too.

EDIT: If you think that Gomez getting anything less than 60 points is worth cheering about and saying "I-told-you-so's" you are feeble-minded. With 5M$ Gionta and budding star Patches on his wings, with Markov and Subban providing the passes and with our typically great powerplay and with his stupidly high salary, 60 points is the cut-off, not the maximum.
Eh..nevertheless it is important to recognize his good play no matter what the time of the year. It's not about the goals or assists but rather about the areas he is going to, shooting the puck more and making safe yet smart plays rather than risky ones. While the points won't matter, I think we can collectively agree that the way he has played is what we have been waiting for. Going to the net and actually shooting the puck are two of his biggest criticisms since he left New Jersey, and we are seeing that lately. Granted, it may be preseason, but I'm trying to be optimistic and hope he keeps doing those things.

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