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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
Campoli was reaching for the puck the entire time, he didn't just duck at the last minute.
I thought so too at first glance, but I rewatched the video several times and Campoli lunges at the last second. I thought it was still suspension worthy of a couple games, but I wouldn't be outraged either way.

What I find disappointing here more than actual hit was all the other factors:

1: Malone running around recklessly all night
2: Game was basically over
3: The Score
4: Campoli never had possession of the puck anymore, imo the hit was illegal because of that more so than anything else.

With regards to point 4, that isn't defined in the new rule as being worthy of suspension, so this will boil down to whether or not Campoli changed his position in a manner that didn't give Malone adequate time to lay up. It's 50-50 here and when it's this close to call I think you have to protect the player being hit. An argument can bee made either way, so in this instance I think a 2-3 gamer was warranted and will be the first ball drop by shanny imo.

Edit: I would also like to add that Campoli was already in a vulnerable position in my eyes before the last second lunge, negating the importance of it altogether, he had back side pressure from the fore checker who lifted his stick and knocked the puck lose, he was vulnerable for 2 or 3 seconds prior to the last second lunge giving Malone enough time to let up.

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