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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Well the onus on is the players IMO...not the league. The league can't start suspendiing guys for 15-20 games everytime someone gets hit in the head. They just can't.

Players are too big, too fast and the ice surface is still the same (which to me, is a big issue). We're also in an era where EVERYTHING is reviewed and replayed over and over again, so while it's great that Shanny is handing out stiff suspensions, he's going to get to a point where it's just not going to be enough.

the NHLPA should have a sit down meeting with all of their brethren to figure something out...cause again, I don't think stiff suspensions is the answer, evidently, it is not as the preseason has seen an unprecedented spike in 'illegal hits'
They should have the NHLPA vote every year by having each player list the their top 10 dirtiest plays and dirtiest players (opinion) in the NHL. Then they could make a list and base the suspension not just on priors or how dirty the hit was but also base it on the NHLPA's vote regarding how dirty that player is in the first place. If the guy is #3 on the dirty players list voted by the NHL players it says something about the type of respect that player has for others but also the kind of respect players in the league have for them.

Then again though I think we all know who they are.

Either way I do think stiffer suspensions can be part of the solution it just can't be the only solution or it will fail.

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