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Originally Posted by IWalkThroughWalls View Post
I might be wrong here (after all, you're the MathMan!) but let say Plekanec who has a 49% success rate takes 10 faceoffs against Crosby who has a 56%. What will be the result?

About 50/50 since a 7% difference isn't that much?

Probably not. Crosby will win most of them.
Faceoffs are not a game where the guy with the highest rating wins 90% of the time. Crosby won 56% against the rest of the league, which obviously has a 50% win rate (and slightly less in this case, given that Crosby's not taking faceoffs against himself). If he goes against an average faceoff taker like Plekanec... you'd see him win about, oh, 57% of the faceoffs, I'd say.

Technically that's indeed "most of them", but I don't think that's as much difference as what you had in mind.

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