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10-03-2011, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Yarfangor View Post
You sir are a beast.

I would actually put Berger ahead of Mitera, but aside from that great list. I'm more high on Berger than I am on Archambault, but theres no denying he has skill, but for me they'd be more closer together.
Thanks. I haven't seen enough of Berger yet, but his foot speed concerns me so I put him a little lower for now, but I will get to see him a ton at Hamilton so next ranking I'll have a much better feel for him. Archambault is more of a wild card at this point, he impressed me in preseason with his skating/speed and seems to have some flash to him, so I like where he's at for an 18 year old, but we'll see how it goes for him over the next 2 years before he turns pro.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I'm guessing you don't consider Diaz a prospect but I'm curious on Yemelin. I'm assuming your list is based on ceiling and not necessarily who will make the NHL when. I agree with it for the most part though I'm one who is in the camp that thinks Leblanc will be a good player but not quite as good as fans had hoped. I see him eventually being a quality 3rd line winger, not a center or a top 6 player.
I didn't consider Diaz a prospect because of his age, plus I never saw him play before preseason. Yes I don't make the list based off who will make the NHL or when, it's mostly about upside although I try and consider all factors, just not when they will make the NHL since they are all at different stages of development. Leblanc I think he can be a top 6 player for us but we'll see how the first year as a pro goes for him. I got to admit I am very surprise at how many around here don't see to like him very much, but can't wait to see how he does going forward.

Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
I'd have Nattinen and Walsh both ahead of Peter Delmas.
I didn't care for Nattinen when I saw him at the wjc's each year but we'll see how it goes for him in his adjustment to North America. Walsh if he has a more consistent year will likely be back in the top 20, I like him but he's got to be more consistent plus his compete level isn't as high as say Kristo/Leblanc/Dumont etc... Delmas looked good in the 2 Hamilton games I saw him but I heard a lot of good things about his play in the ECHL (the one game I saw he was injured) it will be interesting to see what he does this year now that he's got an NHL contract, too bad he had to get a concussion though to start the season.

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