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10-03-2011, 12:41 PM
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EVERYBODY agrees that toughness did not restrain Cooke to hit Savard and all.....My point about toughness is that if you have a little bit of this in every line, when tempers flair, you have someone to do something about it.....Not have to deal with a Downie jumping on AKost. Not have a Gorges having to stand up and be killed. But moreso, and as far as I'm concerned you can also INITIATE things and not just defend yourself, if you have some guys that can do the work, you can try to create something when you're trailing. Or at worst, if Downie goes against Kostitsyn, I could send my guy go after Stamkos the next shift...Clearly not Martin,s style but there has to be a point where you can't be the laughingstock of the league. This jersey has to come with pride. I will never get use to being pounded game after game just because we have that suppose team toughness.

Just that in the end, people need to be consequent. You can't be happy to see guys like Tinordi, Conboy, Schultz or whoever in a lineup and explain in the same token why it's not important. 'Cause to me it sounds more like your analysis of the situation goes accordingly to what's presented to you instead of having an opinion of your own.

And for a million times, personnally, it was never about having a McGrattan in the lineup instead of a Desharnais....But it's all about being the aggressors physically instead of being always at the wrong end of things which in the end, might be tiresome for a lot of our players as the season and as the playoffs moves along.

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