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10-03-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Regardless of this prior to ********...Malone made no attempt to slow down or lessen the hit, in fact he took the opportunity of vulnerability to deliver a head shot, that alone is worthy of a suspension(2 games?) It was reckless, period.

But wtv, as long as Campoli is fine that's what counts.
But the thing is, doesn't this also send a message that the league seems to see the Canadiens as a wimpy, small team that deserve to get picked on and head shotted with no recourse? When was the last time a Habs player got hit in the head and a suspension of any note was doled out? And really, I can't see a big difference between the Malone hit and the Smith hit. The only difference is that one guy is a nobody, and the other a somebody. In what world did Malone not target Campoli's head? And who cares if Campoli is now okay? The league needs to wake up and realize that intent is everything. Just because a guy survives a hit without serious injury doesn't make it okay or less vicious. I just don't get it. It's like when a guy goes to elbow someone in the head and misses their head. It still should be a penalty. In soccer for instance, if guy goes to slide tackle a player with his studs up and misses, he still gets a yellow card most of the time. This is just so logical to me. If you do something reckless you should always get penalized for it, whatever the circumstance. That's how you curb the violence in the game, imo.

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