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10-03-2011, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian_Brewtality View Post
Wasnt calling you about because you dont agree with the non-suspensions, but with the fact that you believe that no progress is being made which is far from the truth.

I just dont believe its far to judge his work on a case by case scenario, but should be looked at what he has done so far. In this case its far more than anyone has every done to protect players.
The ultimate goal is to create awareness amongst the player and it will tajke longer than 7 pre-season games.

People will always complain and or disagree with the rulings. Whether it be too long, not enough etc. but at least its being worked on. Whereas Campbell would have suspended no one. It cant change over night.

I think Malone should have had a game, but im not gonna condemn him and his process over 1-2 tough calls, when so far his work has been very good.
Point taken, maybe I was a bit too egregious in condemning Shanahan, but I just don't want to see us going back to where we were last year after (it looked like) we were finally getting serious about headshots. But it all comes down to one man's opinion and I guess if at the end of the day I agree with the majority of his rulings, then I'd have to concede he's doing a a good job. We'll just see where it goes from here.

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