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10-26-2003, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
How about the fact that maybe they are trying to get back some of the money they have lost over the past few years?

Some of these owners have lost portions of their own money just so there is a team in Edmonton. They don't need to lose money every year just to apease ingreats like you.
Ingrate? You're calling ME an ingrate, you have to be kidding. College student, paying for his own season tickets, and yeah, I'm an ingrate for demanding a good hockey team....right

What's with this 'charity' idea of the Oilers owners? That's not why they own the team, that's not their purpose.

And btw, do you think overall they're losing money on their combined business ventures? I highly doubt it.

And who said they'd lose money??? If budgeted correctly, they won't! Right now though, they're likely in a position to make a few million dollars, AND they raised ticket prices for everyone. Maybe if you don't actually go to games, or you personally don't have to pay for tickets you wouldn't care I suppose, but some of us happen to think we should be getting what we pay for. Another way for them to make alot of money, as mentioned, is to go further in the playoffs. Why not attempt it that way? It definately has a higher chance for reward. The budget right now is not set up that way at all.

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