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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Uh... no. That is certainly not why the Habs lost their "last few playoff losses".

That was the narrative, but that's pretty much always the narrative when the Habs lose. The real reasons for the losses are different:

2010-2011: Thomas's goaltending + bad luck, especially in overtime
2009-2010: Halak no longer standing on their head, Habs no longer able to beat teams despite being dominated
2008-2009: Injuries sustained prior to the series (when you're reduced to using Laraque as a first-liner, you're down to the dregs).
2007-2008: Bad shooting luck -- 7 posts! (this one is especially egregious given how much the Habs dominated play in that series).
Sorry, this explanation doesn't cut it. I don't buy that the Habs keep suffering from a a different strain of bad luck, year-in and year-out. Bad luck facing an ultra-hot Thomas, bad luck hitting the posts, bad luck with injuries and unusual good luck with Halak that finally runs out.

With this line of logic, no change is necessary except to passively wait for our luck to realign.

The objective hard-evidence is that we have lost to the two toughest, most physical teams in the league, who have both played according to type and beaten us in that aggressive style. I'm NOT suggesting we revert to a size-based roster, but I AM suggesting we accept that there is a missing piece to this puzzle and attempt to address it.

And as a personal aside, while I respect the depth and thinking behind your analysis, and genuinely enjoy reading your posts, trying to reduce this very subjective topic to a list of certainties is inaccurate, and a bit off-putting.

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