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10-19-2005, 10:31 PM
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Just back from our first playoff game of the Fall season (BALL HOCKEY). The bad news: We did not win. The good news: We did not lose! We had a tie. We`re playing the final game on Sunday morning. The best thing that happened tonight is actually the pizza and the beer!

Joking apart, I think I played a good game. I did not get any breakaways tonight. The obsession with breakways played a trick on my mind. When we were in our defense zone, I was thinking so much about them that I forgot several times the pointman I was supposed to cover... Fortunately, this did not cause any harm. But the guys surely had two words for me tonight... I forgive them because I know they do it for a good reason. We play to win, not just for the fun. They also brought the point that the wings on our offense line found themselves several times at the same spot. We did not know anymore who was playing left or who was playing right! Maybe it's not a good idea to have two inexperienced guys on the same line?

Also, the play on the boards was pretty bad. Their players passed pretty easily between our players and the board, with the result that they found themselves deep in our zone. I also noticed that they often had a guy all by himself in front of the net waiting for the ball. Who knows what was our centerman doing!!! We should never have two guys on the same guy! My advice: Follow your man as if you were his shadow, hit him with your elbow in his back, play with your shoulder, and hit his stick, and even insult him to make him lose his concentration. If you stay there doing nothing but waiting for a pass, then you're useless. That's what I did tonight. But it's not too bad because there was never a goal when I was on the floor. So I was lucky.

Another observation: I had a good shot on net. Unfortunately, it was was too high. It was on the goalie at the vertical post level. If I had shot lower, I could have shot between the legs or in the holes in the bottom corners. I need to keep my shots low.

Last comment: We almost won the game toward the end of the game. First when I was in front of the net. The ball was bouncing around. I stayed calm, and took my time to stabilize it. Then I shot. Everyone thought I would get it in. No goal, but I was happy to find out that I am able to control the ball even though there is a crowd fighting for the ball. I just need to stay calm, take an extra second, protect the ball with my stick and feet while blocking someone trying to push me to get the ball, and shoot.

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