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Thank you again CSKA , looking forward to part 2

Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
Iliya Bryzgalov: “My choice in life- to be happy”

“Sovetskiy Sport” met with Iliya Bryzgalov for about an hour after a training session. We offer you part 1 of his interview.

“Once a Flyer- Always a Flyer”.

IB: I have made my choice in life, started Iliya- Always be happy.

Q: Meaning to joke and kid all the time?

A: Exactly. That’s just one side. I happen to be in a bad mood sometimes, but I try to fix it immediately.

Q: So, hypothetically, I’ve let 5 goals in and your team has lost. What would you do?

A: I would go to bed. I would wake up the next morning. If Sun is up, everything is going to be OK.

Q: Is it easy for you to go places?

A: yes. My wife is a different story. It’s not a problem for me to pick stuff up and go. Hockey players lead nomadic life from youth.

The whole family participated in the decision to move to Philadelphia. “Flyers” is a great team. That is what I want- to fight and play with one of the best clubs in the league.

“Ducks”, Phoenix will always have special place in my heart. There are so many friends there. We have been through a lot together.

But now I am in Philadelphia. I see that it’s a very hockey city. And the team is like a family. They say here: “Once a Flyer- always a Flyer”. If you play for the Flyers you can work for the Flyers once your career is over. And that is great!

Q: Where did you settle?

A: In the Center City, but we have almost bought a house. We had built our houses in Russia and Los- Angeles. We decided, we had had enough- we are buying.

“Do not make a Messiah out of me”

Q: You had moved from West to East. Did you notice more attention to yourself?

A: Yes, there are more journalists here, but the questions are always the same

Q: There will be an HBO series about “Flyers”. Will the cameras come to your hose?

A: I will lock the doors and won’t let them in! There are plenty of stars around here, why me?

Q: Because they have waited for an elite goalie here for so long.

A: Do not make a Messiah out of me! Pardon me, but I am not Jesus. I have the same attitude toward the game; the puck is the same; the players are similar. I need to work and only time will tell.

Q: Have you heard that Philadelphians threw snow balls and booed Santa?

A: Yeh, I’ve heard.

Q: Aren’t you afraid?

A: Snow balls? No. If I get booed… than I must’ve deserved it!

Q: Do you get recognized?

A: Yes, it happens. They seldom ask for an autograph, most often they yell: “Good luck, Bryz!”

Q: You just gave your stick to someone. Is it a tradition?

A: If it were a tradition to give out a stick after every training, the team would go broke. I have practiced with that stick for a several days and it has taken its toll on the stick. Some kid will be glad to get it, I also autographed it.

Lokomotiv's Emblem

I will omit Bryzgalov’s explanation of his helmet’s decorations sine it has been published before. CSKA

IB: I have got Lokomotiv’s emblem placed on my helmet in order to honor the guys.

Showing the second helmet (tigers): IB: Look at this beauty! I like it the most- incredible job by the artist. I just have one problem with it- white grill does not look good and I do not see well with a black one. So I get to think about it. Most likely I will choose white grill.

Q: Why is “historic” mask for away games?

A: (laughs): For educational purposes. If some kid skips school, he could study history off of my mask.

Coming soon- Bryzgalov on : “banana on ice”, relationship with Bob, twitter and internet dependency, Olympic Games participation and Lokomotiv’s tragedy.

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