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10-03-2011, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Malone's intent was never to play the puck. He was out to hit someone and start **** with the Habs after Subban took down Lecavalier with that hip check. Campoli made a simple mistake. As a puck moving defenseman, it's in his nature to love moving the puck. On this particular play, he is breaking out of the zone himself by carrying the puck out. Times like this happen, where you lose control of the puck. Campoli did and for that one second, he changed his body position and looked down to find the puck that he had lost. In that moment, Malone came in and connected with Campoli's head.

There was no time for Malone to react to the sudden change of Campoli's body position or the fact that he had his head down. I see the reason why Shanahan had a hard time with this one, but I don't understand why he didn't add into the equation that Malone was head-hunting all night. His motive was clear, with his constant late hits and his spearing on Campoli, who was down on the ice trying to recover a puck.
It's a dumb ruling truthfully. I will give you my thoughts in a moment. I will respond to your comment first. I really don't think they do or can take into account how fiesty player has been earlier in the game. The hit itself is broken down to determine if it is illegal or not.....period.

Now my turn....people keep talking about how Campoli is leaned forward and therefore Malone hit him in the head. As far as I can tell, Malone was not going for the puck. He allowed it to go by him. He took a line at Campoli to hit him and the principle point of contact was the head. He actually did not get his Campoli's body at all. If Malone was going for the body, he would have hit the body and caught Campoli's head by mistake, as he leaned forward. If Malone was not aiming for the head.....what was he aiming for because he would have missed Campoli altogether? Instead, he exploded into the hit.....and made the head the principle point of contact. No attempt was made to avoid contact and Campoli was in a vulnerable position, clearly looking at the puck and not looking to initiate or engage in physical contact with Malone. I'm afraid there was some tunnel vision here regarding Campoli leaning forward....and it really is not what influenced the outcome of the hit.

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