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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post

Now for your love affair with Bettman.... Please find a room. Bettman has been bad, yes bad, for the game of hockey. He's been good for the business of hockey ( sort of ) but bad for the game.
Hockey has grown by leaps and bounds because of that little man. Go ahead and hate him if you like, but he's been the best thing to happen to this game.

This is the man who let hockey leave Winnipeg with some of the most rabid fans in the game, but dug his heels in for Phx.... ya he's a great leader.
Winnipeg let the team leave, not Gary. They couldn't compete, had no interest in being in the new direction of the league. I'm surprised he let them back in. Stop being such a hater.

He allows GM's of teams to have a say in supplementary discipline for players during the year (Burke was consulted on several decisions by Campbell last year)... ya he's a great leader.
Gary doesn't do this, the owners allow it. Do you even know what his job entails? Do you understand what exactly he is there to do?

He allowed personal feelings for Jim B to keep him out the league... like RIM wouldn't be a good partner... ya he's a great leader.
Right, because being a wealthy owner is all it takes? I guess you forgot about Bruce McNall, and Wayne Huizenga? How about Charles Wang? Want me to name a few other turds with money that own, or have owned a team?

For the record a great leader would have addressed the head shot years ago when it became evident that the stars of the game were being lost to this injury. Instead he let our game denigrate into a glorified WWE where refereeing is baffling.
lol the NHLPA has to address this first its not on Gary.

How many stars of the game have had concussion. Too many. Yes, hockey is a violent game but there are rules in place to PROTECT players. Unfortunately these rules rarely protect players and in fact hurt them by not calling them.
Again.... NHLPA... owners.... nothing to do with the commish... he does what the owners want, that's who he works for.

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