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10-03-2011, 09:21 PM
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the price of hockey

A friend of mind posted this on an Atlanta based board. I'm cross posting it with his permission in hopes of finding more opinions and suggestions regarding the financial impact of trying to play- out of the big 4, I think hockey is the most expensive, and that's a blow to potential popularity.

My 15 year old son has taken quite an interest to hockey and is looking to play. We have found a rink and organization that's local, thank goodness. But we're at kind of a crossroads because of financial difficulties.

We are inner city middle class, lower middle class and we don't have a lot of money. Many of the locations offering hockey that are still registering are expensive, and we haven't even gotten USA hockey membership yet, and we have to pay for that too. Most places have us paying for jerseys, pants, too. On top of this there is the equipment prices. Currently my son's stick is a roller hockey stick that he got for 15 dollars. We don't know if pads are supplied or not, but most look to be way out of our price range. Skates are something we might be able to find, but only in the clearance section (I haven't resorted to looking at eBay lots- yet).

This is really tough for us, because without the gear, our son can't play. Does anyone know of any stores to find low priced hockey equipment or an alternative? I am dreading that I may have to simply tell him we don't have the money for this sport.
Any answers to his questions would help as well. He doesn't have an account here, but lurks.

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