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HF Flyers Board ESPN Hockey Challenge

Does anyone want to join the group I created? It's free. Here are the rules.

The objective of the game is to select a roster of NHL playoff players, while staying under the $100.0m salary cap, and accumulate the most points according to the scoring system.

Name Your Team (Optional)
After selecting your team you can name your team by clicking on the link labeled "Edit Entry Settings" found on your team page. Your team may have up to a maximum length of 25 characters. Once you have named your team, click on the "Submit Entry Settings" button. Your team name can be changed at anytime.

Select Your Players
Rosters must consist of eleven (11) players which fit under the $100m salary cap. The eleven (12) players on a team's roster consist of the following positions:

6 Forwards (F)
4 Defensemen (D)
2 Goalies (G)
The listed salaries are based on a combination of the players season-to-date and projected playoff statistics according to the scoring system. Players are moved onto your roster by selecting the position you want to modify and clicking on the green ADD (+) icon next to one of the players in the available players list.

Roster Lock Periods
Your team's roster will lock every Monday at 12pm ET (9am PT). You may always edit your next week's roster at any time before that lock with the exception of the final week of Segment 1 in which case you will only be able to view your current week's roster until the game transitions into the next segment.
If so, the group name is Flyers HF Boards, password Jagrbomb.

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