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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Ultimately though the scenarios are as follows:

1) Markov comes back stays healthy and is solid
2) Markov comes back stays healthy but is a shell of his former self
3) Markov comes back gets reinjured doesn't count against the cap.
4) Markov comes back gets reinjured has to retire.

In the bad scenarios he doesn't count against the cap, the only real worry is #2.

Due to Markovs skillset being primarily reliant on hockey IQ I personally believe #2 is the least likely but worst scenario. One and three being the likeliest scenarios. Either way it doesn't necessarily hurt the team that much. We lose a D if he goes down but if we have him we can contend with any team in the league. It's a worthy gamble for a team that makes a killing and can afford to have 5.75 mil on the shelf.

A team that has Subban can afford to take a risk of such magnitude thankfully. It could pay off in the end and win us a cup. It could fail miserably. We all know the risks involved. I'd rather a chance to win it all than no chance at all. Who would we have signed other than Markov who would give us such a chance? Healthy he's like Lidstrom-lite.
Bloody well thought out, logical and excellent post. I agree with this entirely. The signing was a well thought out, intelligent risk.

People forget that we had Markov in play. He wanted to be in Montreal. We will never ever have Doughty in play. We had to take this calculated risk, and Geoff Molson can afford it if we lose this gamble.

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