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Goaltending thread: Triple threat? (All things Islanders Goaltending)

So as we all know the New York Islanders pre season games have come to an end. One of NYIs biggest questions this year, Is who is our # 1 / Do we have one ? How will this all work out etc...Here are the Stats of some of our goalies from the preseason.

Dipietro 40-43 .930
Montoya 22-23 .956
Nabokov 32-36 .888

Now these of course are simply just stats and very miniscule proof or indication of how well any 3 of them are actually going to play this up coming season. Also, Taking in to consideration the lineup the night each goalie played and how that team was playing etc.. obviously plays a factor. All things considered and like I said on limited playing time all 3 goalies to me looked good. Nabbys stats are not so hot but he played better then those stats IMO ( once again reiterating, they dont mean much)

Right now I see it as it is no1s job to lose because no 1 has it. I believe all 3 of these goalies can carry this team, Even ricky if he stays healthy..Do I think he will ? NO. Rick IMO will never be what we all expected of him just a couple years ago and maybe now a 1a / # 2 goalie (possibly very wishful thinking) at BEST (If healthy)..Most of you already know this. I believe this season coaching will give more chances to Montoya and Nabby, I feel if Dipi shows signs of a decrease in skill or not playing to a #1 standard his leash will be extremly short. Another long term injury to rick and hes a goner, This team is on the verge of contending soon and rickys time is running out he needs to stay healthy and contribute or hes gone. I know some think he will be here as an issue for a long time, he will not. If he continues to miss games and decrease in skill once this team starts to make a serious push I know Wang will get off the Dipi train and he will be bought out. Dipi is important to try to salvage for the islanders or I should say Wangs image but with Dipi slowly aging along with injuries and a descent paycheck once this team becomes a legit contender I do not see Wang risking hurting this new rebuild coming to fruitation on a count of 1 man.

I created this to get everyones thoughts and opinions on our 3 guys and how they will be handled and who will lead this team along with anything else involving our goalies for the remainder of the season. Lets just pray if we do get good goaltending and manage to make the playoffs hopefully someone ends the season on a hot streak becuase we cant afford this uncertainty in the playoffs (ref: 2010-11 philadelphia in the playoffs). The playoffs seeming less unlikely the more I think about it unless the goalie situation works itself out regardless of this teams talent. The defense is questionable but borderline good, But with 3 goalies possibly constantly rotating, It will make for a very tough task for our Dmen to get in a groove communicationally and situationally during games with never having a consistent goalie in net to get used to his style of play. (that IMO our defense cant afford)

All that being said, we can all agree on 1 thing... Does not matter who but 1 one of them needs to take the ball and run with it and become the clear cut # 1. Not a must to be successful but will make games much easier on all players and Dmen even more so. We sit 5 days away from opening night for our boys and although I will not be attending many games this season due to still being in the Army..I look foward to being home for next season and being able to discuss other things with my fellow Isles fans at games other then our goaltending. Should be interesting to say the least to see this goaltending "triple threat" this season. I invite everyone to use this thread to talk about it all season long instead of driving our great mods more crazy then we already do during the season with having a new "dipi sucks" "dipi must go" "dipi hurt" etc.. threads up the ying yang every week, This way they can try to enjoy this board a little more then constantly locking up a new dipi thread or sifting through all the goaltender threads over the year. I figure this would be much easier and make sense to just have 1 big goaltending thread...But thats not up to me.

From the US Army at Fort Riley, Kansas... Lets go Islanders !!!

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