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10-04-2011, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by hab junkie View Post
People should just chill out..
Even if he comes back halfway through the season, we still have him for 2.5 more years!
Most of you forget quickly. What's our record with him in the lineup again??? His injury is a blessing in disguise. The team had to learn to win without him and now that they did adding him back to this lineup is the cherry on top!
A healthy Markov is the difference between playoffs and Stanley Cup!

Stay positive habfans!
A healthy Subban and Price is the difference between playoffs and a Cup. Markov is no longer that important to our Habs...he better not be since he's never there anyways. Subban and Price are.
Markov is just there if he ever comes back to give some rest to our more important dmen (Subban, Gorges,etc...). I want to be wrong but Markov just may be damaged goods and he's just holding on for 3 seasons for the paychecks. I repeat/re-write...I want to be wrong. I want Markov to prove all of us Hab fans wrong (the ones that are cynical/skeptical about Markov, ex: me).

My nightmare:
It is possible for Markov to collect the $18 million without giving us much in return or close to nothing (after all he's done it before!). I don't want this to happen I'm maybe writing this in hope that it doesn't happen! He won't retire anytime soon...he has too much money to collect from our Habs (as if he didn't make enough from the last 7 seasons).

The negative: Shanahan pulled a Colin ''large-piece-of-sheet'' Campbell on us.
The positive: Campoli is fine, great news for him and us...we really need him with Markov usual. Still...Malone (large-piece-of-sheet) should have received 5 games at least. A hit to the head is a hit to the head. I just hope Shanahan is not anti-Habs or else we're in for a long season. Unless we get a Chris Neil type.

We really need Markov to come back a 100%, so if it means end of October or early November then so be it I don't want to see him come back early just to play 5 games and re-injure himself (that would be so depressing). But remember...every game he is out our Subban, Gorges, Gill, Campoli,etc...are at risk of playing too much and playing too much is also putting yourself at more risk of injury. We need Markov to do what he's paid to hockey. He better ****ing average 65+games/season, and he better show up when the real season counts. I'm so sick and tired of being disappointed by this millionaire who has sucked $40 million from our Habs and has nothing to show for it, season after season. And yes I remember how good he was 3 seasons ago, but so what? What's the use of being good in 2008 when you constantly disappoint your team with your extremely fragile body. I hope Markov proves me wrong and any other fan like me 'cause we need him on ice to help our Habs. And whever he does come back I want him to avoid bodychecks whenever he can...there's nothing wrong with that. Some of the smartest dmen know who is coming at him and are able to avoid the bodycheck (Subban is good at this).

I'm usually a very positive Hab fan (except in Markov's case). I'm positive towards Gomez and how he should help our team. I'm patient with Yemelin...I'd give him a year and a half before judging what he can really do...I just hope he sticks around long enough for us to see what he's really made of 'cause we really need his physical play.

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