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10-04-2011, 08:12 AM
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There are so many things that can happen here with 3 Goalies.
All 3 of the guys can play a very solid NHL game. We have seen them all play there best they have to offer.

DP can be very good when healthy. However will he ever be healthy and be able to perform as a Number one Goalie in the NHL.

Nabby. The guy was a Monster over in the west. However that was a few years ago and he has not seen NHL Action in quite some time.
He is also no spring Chicken.

Al Montoya. Highly touted top draft pick a few years ago. the guy is only 26. We have seen what he can do when is at his best or close to it. The guy is to young in my book to call a bust. He very well can be a NHL level starter. We seem to be the only team that has given him the shot.

So we have 3 guys who can all be good maybe even great.
This is not a good or a bad problem.
However there are so many things that could go right or wrong here to really speculate who may be a clear cut starter.
Lets see how it goes this season.
Maybe all 3 of them play to there top level of play making someone trade bait. Maybe they all suck etc.
We could discuss what could happen all day here.

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