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Originally Posted by Hans Moleman View Post
I am a neutral party who has watched the play many times, and knows the context in which Malone played during the game, and the context in which Shanahan has layed out his suspensions. This is complete and utter ********.
We're used to it. One of our players nearly damn well got killed and was taken off on a stretcher, with context to back it up as well. (i.e. Chara hunting for him)

No suspension. Do I really expect more out of a league governed by Gary Bettman? He'd probably rig it so an American team would win against a Canadian "for the good of hockey"... I'm not actually serious but it just pisses me off how we always get the short end of the stick. Not like Malone being suspended would've directly affected us anyways but it would have been nice to see some consistency from the league.

Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
Only way someone who hurts a Hab gets suspended is if he kills him.

Sick of these McFranchises taking shots at the Habs. Habs literally helped build this league and the league spits in their faces.
I wonder if it's a coincidence or some kind of reverse discrimination where the league is concerned too much with giving us any favorable bias that they spit in our faces?

I just find it quite odd that the hit that sparked this controversy was a habs player and then the one time a blatant hit to the head happens again against a habs player nothing happens. It's like the league is pissed off we spoke out about the head shots and made it a big deal. When people are nearly killed in the rink it isn't just hockey anymore we're talking about somebodies life not just a game.

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