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Originally Posted by Halakalakaboom View Post
I'm sad when I look at our 4rth line and see 1) Weber, he's another smurf that should be spending time in AHL at defense, too soft and won't back up his teammates 2) Palushaj, just not reliable defensively and too soft for 4rth line, wich should be all about being tough and physical and responsible in the defenssive zone 3) Engqvist, I just don't see anything good in his game, other than working hard along the boards. Of all three he's the best suited for 4rth line but is relatively missing some of the tools to be a good 4rth line center in the NHL, mostly toughness, grit and physicality.

In conclusion, I can live with smurfs all over our 3 scoring lines, but the fourth line is composed of softies too, and that's a problem to me. I have played hockey in the QJMHL back in the days, am 5'10 and knows how important it is to have bigger guys backing you up when things go bad. Mind you I was one of the smallest guy on many of the teams I played for and I am bigger than the smurfs on the Habs (5'10 180 pounds). I felt a lot mroe confident on the ice when I knew I had tough guys to rely on when a 6'4 220 pounds guy was taking liberties on me. You have to experience it before saying toughness isn't important when you ahve more skills.
That's one of my points. If we were stacked all throughout our lineup, then I could understand the notion that these types of players couldn't fit, but Engqvist and Weber on our 4th line?

Would have loved to have seen:

Moen-Konopka (or someone similar)-White

And to speak to your experience point, I totally agree. Just yesterday I heard Theo Fleury and Paul McLean say the same thing that younger or smaller player's just have more confidence when these types of guys are on your team - and NO not GOONS, but guys like Rupp, Neil etc.

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