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Let's be honest....Decision re Avery was made before camp....don't understand why team brought him to Europe...

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Been saying this from the beginning. The best part will be the people like wolf and chosen who will still refuse to acknowledge any sort of bias or treatment from the coach. As if Avery had just as good a chance as anyone on this team. Zero ice time, benched every time anything happens, got to play with John Mitchell in preseason....The writing was on the wall and has been since Torts got here. He's wanted him gone and now he's got it. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that this organization believes it's ready to take that next step.

Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Well what I'm getting at is that this is a business decision made by the General Manager, not the coach.... I know some will portray it as Tortorella waiving Avery but the reality is that this is a move by the GM.... It's not like Torts walks into Glen's office and says, "Well, EC made the team, place Sean on waivers...."
I think you're a little naive if you're implying the coach has no say in what his roster is going to be. If Avery was going to be such a hindrance if he were on the roster than what was the point of him ever being brought back this season? Why are we about to lose a 23 year old Weise on waivers when he could have been the one fighting for a spot with EC?

Sather still wanted Sean on this team and felt there was a place for him. Torts has been adamant about not wanting him here. He gave his boss the benefit of the doubt and let Avery try and impress him when he came to camp. None of that mattered though because long before this season ever started Torts knew he wasn't going to be on the team.

It's pretty obvious when you follow it.

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Really? The guy who's brought our team back to respectablility Is a joke?
No, Tom Renney is not a joke. You're right.

I like Torts but yeah, he's definitely a joke. The ultimate do as I say not as I do type of guy. He better hope he gets this team deep in the playoffs, and quick. Cause that act wears thin when the results don't follow.

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