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10-04-2011, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Hey Inferno please for one second take the blinders off and listen.. The Rangers are small no one in the world loves cally more then me he is leader and prime example of how to play the game but he also needs to be on the ice and playing not in the box for 5 or injured for having to play policeman.. Stop the non sense prospel missed 85% of the season. Rupp took Boogy place not prospal .. Prust got his a@@ kicked by every heavy he fought including rupp don't tell me we are tough enough i know facts.. Oh yea Feds scares a lot of people
Boogeys place? what boogeys place? boogey didnt have a place...he hardly played even when he was healthy....he sucked plain and simple. Rupp is going to play all over the lineup, but mostly with Stepan one would assume....thats pretty much where prospal was playing, though every once in a while he played with Gabby to try to get him going.

the team let the NHL in hits (4th in road hits). They took the 6th most majors in the game, 8th most misconducts, 12th in penalty minutes...and all we did was add Rupp, a tough sob who can play regular minutes, and Brad Richards, a skilled guy but not a softie either.

i seriously question if you even pay attention during the hockey season or not...your love for players with no thumbs but fists of fury (and somehow Dale Weise who has neither thumbs, or fists of fury) is obvious.

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