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10-04-2011, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by nittany View Post
I guess reading comprehension isn't your strength...
I guess being able to see isn't a strength for you. If you think Konopka is actually a good hockey player then all I have to say is don't quit your day job and try to become a scout.

Good one though, reading comprehension. Classic in fact.

So if reading comprehension isn't one of my strengths I guess you're an expert.

I mean honestly do you actually think that response makes you look smart? Cause frankly it doesn't it makes you look like you have nothing smart to say in the first place. Please explain where in your post you didn't say Konopka was a good hockey player in junior and NHL implying that junior has some bearing on being a good hockey player in the NHL. Please also point out where you didn't say Konopka was a good hockey player period. Oh wait that's right, you did.

Just because you imply something and then turn around and try to claim you didn't doesn't mean others have a lack of reading comprehension bro, it just means you're a troll baiting tool and if you don't think everyone can see right through it like they always do with your little 4th grade tactics well here's some information for you, they do see through it.

If you can't comprehend how a guy who can't play hockey sucks at playing hockey... then you're probably just about the last person who should be calling out anybody on any kind of comprehension.

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