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10-04-2011, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
You can't judge him on what he has done so far, the kid is only 22 years old! It's what he is GOING to do.

Really, if we were willing to trade Ellis for couturier, then we should be willing to give up a ton more for turris!

Also. If we want to Kostitsyn to turris let's do it!

Kostitsyn is 2 years older.

Sk's two seasons in Montreal before us he had 23 points in 08-09, and had 18 points in 09-10
Turris last two seasons with coyotes he has 20 points in 08-09 and 25 last season

Both need(ed) change of scenery and both will/did excel once they got it

Sk was drafted 200th overall while turris was 3rd overall

People said sk had attitude problems as well before we got him

Trotz gets a lot out of what he has, a guy that was drafted 3rd overall a few years ago has LOADS of potential!!

....or we could always just do nothing and have worst powerplay in league again for playoffs

you dont trade major assets for a guy who only has potential AND also has an attitude problem.

we got SK for the rights to a guy who was going to be a UFA in a couple of weeks.

if PHX would give us Turris for that, fine, I'll take him

but for Ellis+, no way, at least not until he puts up 20+ in a season.

and Ellis for Coutourier wouldnt have cost us the big salary Turris wants, we would have time to see if he was the real deal before forking over millions

Edit: I see Mr Joshua beat me to it, but SK also signed for 550K. If Turris will do that, I'll listen

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