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10-04-2011, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by OrangeCrush28 View Post
You are talking like betts is a good pker, if you watch video of him on the pk it is aweful, he never wins races, puck battles, or get in lanes. He was good a couple years ago and everyone has given him the benefit of the doubt ever since. Losing richards is a blow to the pk, not losing betts.

Also giroux will be our best pker, take that to the bank. Giroux has everything you want for that role and more, if anything he allowed richards to cheat more.
I'm not sure what you've been watching. Betts is not the fastest skater--you're right--but as it's been pointed out, that's not the most important aspect of PKing. Powe, for instance, was faster than Betts, but he was not as good a PKer because he wasn't as smart as Betts and tended to be out of position every now and then.

As to getting in lanes -- simply not true. Maybe breaking up passes, but what about blocked shots? While we're on that, let's look at our blocked shots leaders from the last two years:


Richards (73)
Betts (72)
Powe (60)
Versteeg (56)
Giroux (44)
Carter (41)


Laperriere (74)
Richards (64)
Betts (63)
Giroux (48)
Powe (40)
Carter (34)

So now all of our best PKers/shot blockers from the last two years--save Giroux--are gone. That's not something that Talbot can fix by himself. It's more important than you seem to realize.

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