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10-04-2011, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
We got Kostitsyn for a lot cheaper because nobody at the time thought he had any potential, whereas turris is oozing potential!

Turris will more than likely be better than sk74, so much hype

Who says turris has attitude problems???

And another thing, 2.5 million for a guy that is oozing potential is not that much, look at what some of our other guys are making that won't get nearly the offense turris will.
We have to much cap space, show our big three we aren't super cheap and spend a little.

And who says we would have to give up 'major' assets to get turris?

I was thinking 2nd round pick and maybe josi, which is less than what people were willing to deal for 40 point hartnell

I also posted on prospect board who has more potential out of Wilson and turris, first reply says 'turris, no question'

All in all, I don't wanna debate this, but i think turris would be the BPA right now from an offensive POV, we should get him and go balls out to win a cup this year!

Or watch the powerplay fail again huge times and do nothing and watch all of the big three walk.....


It really just seems like the "sexiness" of Turris is what's driving you here. There's no way in hell a team is going to trade a 2nd round pick AND a blue chip prospect AND pay $3 million a year for a player who only has potential. ESPECIALLY our organization. What makes you think Turris is going to improve our powerplay? Goalies are just going to lay down and let every shot in because we have a $3 million player who has potential? The kid has proven NOTHING. Wasting $3 million on a big headed kid who has proven nothing is EXACTLY what we don't need to do if we want to keep Weber, Suter, and Rinne.

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