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10-26-2003, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich
the reason those guys make 2.0 mill or close to it is because they have been in the league for more than 5 years. Their salary goes up every year. For lowe to have a team of 1 mill players, you have no decent vets or all kids. Lets remember that the avg salary is 1.8 mill so paying a guy 1.9-2.1 mill is just an average salary. IMO, devo, brewer are better than avg. Izzy is potentially much better than avg.

As for salo's 3.9 mill, someone should figure out what the average salary of a starter is.
I have a real problem with siting "average" salaries. Let's remember that the extremes on the high end: 7M-10M per season, skew the average more than the lower end salaries, 700K or so. So the "average salary" does not mean the "average player". In my opinion the average player is worth about 1.2M bucks, not 1.925M, which Izzy is getting.

The primary point of the original post was to point out that we are spending 1/3 of the ENTIRE payroll on 4 underachievers. That is not a good thing.

As far as Salo goes, he is paid right near the middle in terms of starting goalies, but HAS not been worth even that. Here are some numbers that other starters, who are performing better than Tommy, make:

Tomas Vokoun- $1.2M
Chechmanek- $3M
Potvin-$1.3M (we could have signed him for that!)

IN FACT there are only TEN goaltenders in the entire NHL (according to making more than Salo. Brodeur, Joseph, Hasek, Turek, Burke, Kolzig, Khabibulin, Giguere, Theodore and Belfour.

SO Salo is at the very top of the middle third of goaltenders in terms of salary. He has two club option years at the end of it for $4M per season. The way he's playing there is absolutely zero chance the team will pick it up. So he is basically a UFA as of next summer. Maybe he'd stay here for way less money, like 2.5M or so. Or he could be so insulted that he bolts to anywhere for any amount of dough. The way he's been compensated the last 3 seasons he will not want for money.

This presents an even bigger question. Is Salo even tradeble??? What team would take on salary AND downgrade their situation? The only hope is that a team like Washington sends Kolzig to Colorado, and the Oilers somehow get invovled sending Salo to the Crapitals. Washington would save money in the deal (over $2M bucks). Of course, what would Colorado give Edmonton (thus the deal is a non-starter).

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather have the Oil pick up a guy like Hurme at a little over $1M per year and spend the extra dough (if Salo can be moved) on some defensive help, a top 3 guy to replace Niinimaa. Perhaps Tommy could be packaged with Comrie somehow to net a bigger return.

Is this team being managed well financially? Thoughts?

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