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10-04-2011, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
The truth, I think, lies somewhere in between the two of you squabbling over whether Markov is more injured than feared, or right on track.

It's obvious nobody expected this bout of swelling. Yes, it's a normal symptom of this type of injury, but at the time of his signing Markov was free of swelling and on track for a faster recovery. This is unquestionably a setback. Even if you choose to spin it as within the range of normal outcomes, it falls on the negative side of the scale.

On the other hand, I don't think swelling has any impact on his long-term recovery and eventual effectiveness. The operation was a success and he is healing. He may be close to 100% when he finally steps onto the ice, or he may not be, but this current delay will not be a factor in determining that (though recurring swelling may become a chronic problem).

I'm not happy about this delay and knee-jerk response is to assign it more meaning than it may deserve, but the ultimate answer to whether Markov was a good or bad signing will only be answered in April and May (and hopefully June!), not now.
There was no swelling at the time Markov was resigned, but if anyone is surprised by this either the Habs need new medical advisors or the management did no research. It's common to be ahead of schedule for recovery and suffer a setback, happens all the time. This isn't the best case scenario but unless there's more than they are telling us, this was very predictable and says nothing about Markov's long term recovery.

Resigning Markov was a calculated risk that none of us can predict, but there's no way the club could be so poorly run as to have bet the house on Markov being ready for game 1. That would have been a ridiculous gamble, they have got to have went into this season under the assumption that Markov might not be ready until December.

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