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10-04-2011, 09:20 PM
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If one thing is wrong with player them and Homer are awful, but they never get credit when it is due. I remember last year people on here just complaining about how awful this team was and how we were so far removed from a Cup (Yes, saying this after a trip to the Finals) and then we turn around and finish 2nd. I dont see how you guys are over the Lilja signing, it is a lot better than having Bart back there. Not to mention you guys are still sad about Richards. He was my favorite player, I am over it. We got a great return, we got a goalie (I will admit his contract is terrible) out of it, and we have real prospects. I am sure I could have asked in March would you rather: A) Keep Bob and Leighton or B) Overpay a top goalie and the top answer would have been B. God forbid something drastic happens. Like it or not, moaning about what has happened wont reverse it so take it for what is. I am happy hockey is 2 days away, some of you are still caught up in June.

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