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10-04-2011, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Island Husky View Post
What do you call that 2003 team in Halifax? worthy of a CIS ALL STAR team, despite being from one conference, "Don't beat them very often, or the Major Junior teams won't play exhibitions against CIS Teams", which is it? the allstar vs allstar contests? No, the CIS has never beaten them, to my knowledge Manitoba was the only CIS team, allstar or individual, to ever defeat Team Canada Junior in some 25 years I have followed it. Besides who cares? If the CIS is as good as we say, what should it matter which team? We would destroy them remember? destroy them not just beat them by a goal or two. So while we are willing to argue to the teeth a CIS team would destroy any given Major Junior team, we have absolutely no evidence, darn right no proof. I'll reserve comment on Billy Schurman.
Regina/Saskatchewan combination I believe 2 years ago had a victory as well.

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