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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
Schenn completely understood the clause and the true meaning behind it when he signed the contract. Schenn wanted to be in the NHL as soon as possible, but knew the 3+ million cap hit that he was eligible for would hinder his progress. He sacrificed 1.2 mil in bonuses in order to make it more likely that he'd make the NHL quicker. A lot of people believe Bobby Ryan would have become an NHL regular if not for his contract and the Ducks' cap situation. Schenn wanted to avoid being stuck in the minors like Ryan longer than he had to be.
Yeah, here's a quote from the Kings board about a Lombardi interview a year ago:
Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
If anyone needs to be reminded of what I'm referring to:

LOMBARDI: [...] To the kid’s credit though, one thing that bodes well for the kid, in fairness to him, he adjusted his contract. As the fifth pick, he could have demanded X, Y and Z on his cap number, but he recognized that he wanted to play here, so he kept his cap number down to ensure that he’s not left off the team because of his cap number. That’s what happened with Rask. You’re starting to see that more and more with kids, where the cap number is too high for the role. With Rask, if he becomes a No. 1, he’s worth it, but I can’t call him up as a No. 2 at the number, so the kid stays in the minors. So you’re starting to see a little of that. Schenner might be one of the first ones to adjust on his first contract and say, `OK, if I’m going to break in, I might have to start as a No. 4, and I can’t break in as a 4 with a $3-million cap number.”

Question: His cap number had been listed at around $3 million. That’s actually not what it would cost you to have him around?

LOMBARDI: “Let’s just say, for now, that he has showed it’s important for him to make this team and not have that as a hindrance.”

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