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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
way to come in and live up to the elitist sterotype there....

It is a skill issue with Franson. I don't want to bash the guy too much anymore, but his defensive skills are keeping him out of the lineup. The fact is, he isn't as good as Schenn, Phaneuf, or liles (who has his own issues defensively) He got passed by a rookie for a spot in the lineup, and apparantly couldn't outplay gunnerson or the guy who seems to be the TML current whipping boy in komiserek.

To show how little some nashville fans know, lets look at another reason franson is in the pressbox. you penalty kill. Generally have to have 4 guys that play the PK. Toronto has Schenn, Dion and I guess last year used a mishmash of guys. I assume Gunnerson will man one of the spots. So it has to do with the 4th spot on the pk. Is it Gardiner? It isn't liles. So you have to have a guy who you know can step in on the pk. Komiserek over Franson in a landslide there.
why comment if you don't know how the Leafs play?

if you're a natural RHD, Wilson is not going to play you in the left side. the only exception to this is Phaneuf and that's because he's a LHD who plays on the right side for his shot. so you bringing up Liles, Gardiner, and Gunnarsson (all left handers, playing on the left side) is just clueless.

the only dmen competing with Franson are Schenn, Phaneuf and Komisarek. Of this, Komisarek is worse. And no, Komisarek isn't a good PKer. There were four dmen ahead of Komi in PK time last season.

you have no idea how terrible Komisarek is. please, stop. even if you argue that they're on equal level, Komisarek is making FIVE times Franson's caphit. so same skill (false), but one with $4.5M hit vs $800k who do you play?

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