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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
Reason why I didn't hold it against Bertuzzi for getting suspended during the *regular season* for coming off the bench when he thought Jovo was overmatched in his fight with another player (forget who the guy was).
It was Scott Parker.

Anyway, I'd bet that a big thing against Oreskovich, from the coaching standpoint, is probably also a big part of why so many people seem so mad that he has been replaced: He's huge and he skates like the wind.

Oreskovich should be SO MUCH MORE. Instead, he's just kind of there taking up space. This drives coaches absolutely insane. This is a guy that could be an absolute game-changer if he ever got a sense of desperation into his head, and I'd guess that the Canucks have decided that there's little chance of him ever getting that urgency and are going with a guy that is willing to do whatever it takes instead.

Oreskovich plays like a really nice guy that can't switch into "helmet on - brain off" mode. He obviously knows what he has to do, and every once in a while he'll crush someone and get mean for a second, but it's just not there. On top of this, Weise has also basically outproduced him at every level.

A normal-sized guy that doesn't skate well but gets his job done is better than a huge guy that skates like Paul Coffey and does nothing with it.

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