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10-05-2011, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by duul View Post
Sorry, I don't mean a full ride. Actually we just had a tournament in Pennsylvania and two kids on our team got tryouts for the d1 team at a school, and if they don't make it they still get most of it paid for playing on the d3 team.

Relax boss.
No, they won't. Schools don't have a D1 and D3 hockey team at the same school. If they have a D1 team, they'll have a D1 club team. If they have a D3 team, they'll have a D3 club team. They won't have D1 and D3 at the same school and D3 doesn't give out full or partial scholarships. A D3 school can give you an academic scholarship, or a scholarship to play an instrument, because they want you on their hockey team, but they can't give you an athletic scholarship, at all. And if you're friends tried out at a D1 school, I doubt the school is going to give them academic scholarships because they want them on their club team so bad.

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