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10-05-2011, 01:58 PM
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Speaking of The WC Alumni Game, STHs were sent letters in which we were informed that the Winter Classic Package included the Alumni Game and Phantoms AHL game... I assume that they are not free perks and are priced. If they have prices I imagine I'll sell off the added games since one pair of frozen fannies is sufficient for us.

I wasn't thrilled with the must buy part of it and don't really know if selling them is going to go over like a lead balloon or be a profit making situation... I would rather have had an option to buy them.

Also we were informed that the 'extra' game in our Full STH package that we are paying for but will be replaced by the Winter Classic Game cannot be applied in part to the WC and will be automatically rolled over to the Playoff Deposit when due... if due and they make the Postseason... They allude to a refund being possible if we call a supplied number -- ("For information on obtaining a refund, please contact Flyers Customer Service at 2l5-2l8-4F AN (4326)." -- But I'm sure the refund would be given after the final STH payments are made... which should be around the time of the PO Deposit IIRC.

I wonder if my selection for the WC would also be my selection for the other two games, or if I can select different cost levels for them... Seems that the Organization can never make it easy in these matters. haha... In any case, I'm just glad to have the WC option and will worry about the rest later when i comes up with the details.

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