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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
He still brings things to the table that are needed by this hockey club given the lack of Pkers on this team already. he brings more to the table then the 2 knuckleheads who are here instead in Shelley and Rinaldo.
but Holmgren in his infinite wisdom still thinks we need "tough", stupid hockey players around instead. I really shouldnt be shocked anymore at the stupid decisions made by mangement.
First off guys like Read, Talbot, and Couturier made this move possible. If you do not see Betts is on a rapid decline then i don't know what to tell you. The guy is basically one hit away from missing a lot of time with that bum shoulder. That clearly has effected how good he was on faceoffs. Betts is a savvy pker but even i think at times he was overrated in that aspect of his game. His positional skills on the pk where inconstant at times last year. I still people are seeing that image of him and Lappy on the PK. When our PK was beastly before Lappy got hurt. That is not the same Betts.

Now Shelley i understand why people are upset. I like Rinaldo's physical aspect and his speed game. Its tailor made for Lavys forecheck system. He will grow on people as the season longs. He doesn't look like the same meathead in the OHL or AHL. I actually seen him take the smart hit instead of acting like a kamikaze putting himself and the player getting hit in a dangerous situation. Time will tell if this is the same exact Rinaldo.

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