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10-26-2003, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
its amazing how you sather-haters are now trying to tell us glass-half-full people that it is just october and we are 2-2-2 and there is nothing to be excited about, but when the rangers lost the first 2 GAMES OF THE SEASON everyone was screaming how they suck and that sather should be fired....
Extremism in both cases.

That is, jumping out of buildings after two games, or high-stepping ten days later.

Cliche time: it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Just me, but I don't bother with the standings, any individual stats, or making judgments on players/teams until there is a fair sampling available. Like, say, a couple of months into the season.

Unhealthy and unwise to buy into the NOW!-NOW!-NOW! hysteria of the media when it comes to NY teams. For example, five minutes after the Series ended last night, predictions of "major changes" for the Yankees were already upon us. Whatever will sell fishwraps. Meanwhile, the team that won the World Series last night was struggling bigtime a full month and a half into this season, to the point where they changed managers in May!

People don't like to hear it, but it's earlier than early. But, then again, chatboards are not the place for patience, but rather micro-analysis. :p

Just my opinion.

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