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10-05-2011, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by OrangeCrush28 View Post
It was time to move on from betts, we have younger players that need to play and can step into his role. If losing betts is a huge blow to this team like some think then we have bigger problems.
It's not losing Betts himself that is the issue, really. It's that when one looks at our forward group, the most glaring weakness is defensive play and given that we'd already lost key cogs in that area such as Gagné, Richards, Carter, Lappy and Powe fairly recently, losing Betts as well seems a bit unnecessary. If we had had clear cut replacements ready, then I couldn't care less about losing Betts. I don't consider Read, Couturier, Rinaldo or Simmonds to be that however.

The fact that Couturier and Read have looked fine during preseason games doesn't really mean anything until they show that they can do so when it matters as well.

If I'm to continue playing the role of the pessimist on these forums, come November how much do you think it will cost us to get that defensively sound, veteran 4th line center that we can use on the pk that it's become so desperately clear that we need? What's that? It smells like-- yes, yes, it's a 2nd rounder burning a hole in Homer's pocket.

Ok, so maybe it won't go that far, but it would have seemed more logical to wait until the new guys could have proven themselves a bit more before waiving Betts. Unless there were more concerns about his injuries than they're letting on.

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