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10-26-2003, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by OYLer
OK IceDragoon, I'm dropping the gloves now! Hey it's alot easier to type now, but maybe I should let go of this Shtick too long enough to get serious for a minute. You appear to make technically valid arguments: "That kind of (count your chickens before they hatch) thinking can get you in a lot of trouble." Rightfully, you point out that my assertions are based on possible future outcomes (i.e. "$5mil more in the player budget will have us 'making the playoffs and going deep'"), but both the soundness and the validity of the agrument can only be challenged, if and only if, the premise on which said agrument is made is found to be false. Since the premise is a supposition, a supposed future event happening, it reasonably can only be tested in the doing of it - the Oilers actually bucking up and making the playoffs and going deep resulting in more earned revenue.

Of course, the opposite outcome is possible, the Oilers spending the money in a Dallas ... oops I mean Texas Ranger's like way - ya' know the good ole' boys down at the Haves Only private profit club divvying up the spoils cause ya' know ya' gotta' spend more money, to make more money.

Therefore, it is not my thinking process that is troubling you; it is that you disagree with the supposition (i.e. spend the money, make the playoff, win 2 or more series, the Oilers Ownership Group reaps the remunerations, the Oilers are financially healthier and the fans are happy. Ultimately, it is a risk vs. reward scenario. You either believe or you don't, and faith by definition predicates a positive vision or it becomes cynicism. That is why I disagree with Brynster statements and brought you to task for supporting him.

Further, for the Oilers' Ownership Group, Management, GM, Coaching Staff to expect young athletes to win, have belief in themselves, to have a positive vision is somewhat of a hypocritical expectation if they themselves wont risk capital (which is by definition what owners/management do) in order to be in the game of NHL hockey, win, and make money.
You drop the gloves and start dancing in circles. Let me see if I can follow your contortions. Better yet, I'll cut to the chase. If I were an owner, I'm not handing over my money for you to spend as you will, to prove you wrong (or right - moot point).

Quite a leap from "vision" to "cynicism". Those 2 words are diametrically opposed, yet you leave no room for 'middle ground' between them. Hmmm... Experience has taught me that a 'see it my way or you're wrong' argument, is usually a facade for a shaky stance.

Ever hear the phrase; "A favour too freely given, soon becomes a right."? The owners did us a huge favour by first, buying our team, to keep it here. Then continued by throwing their money at our team, to keep it afloat till next year. I don't think it's my 'right' to expect the owners to pony up more dough, for a possible one time shot. That would be a huge gamble, with questionable returns. Altho they might win the battle, they might also lose the war.

One or 2 players are not going to drastically improve this team, especially if they're only here for 1 year or less. Our boys need to go thru a lot of 'growing pains' together, to become our team of the future.

I don't disagree with 'ya gotta spend money, to make money' the premise is sound. But, you have to know that timing is everything. Until we have the stability of a new CBA, we have too much to lose, imho. Once we have the new rules of the game in place, then we can take calculated, visionary risks.

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