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10-05-2011, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
The Flyers dodged a gigantic bullet with the demotion of Schenn to the AHL for at least one day. His salary cap hit is now 1.65M instead of 3.1M. Phew. Now we are $65,795 under the salary cap with Walker, Laps and Couturier in the lineup.

The question: When Schenn comes back and Laps is put on LTIR, should we:

A. Stay as close to the cap as possible to leverage our LTIR (It only allows you to go OVER, it does not add to your cap). OR

B. Stay under the cap as much as possible with Laps on the books as each day we are under the cap, the amount under is added to the amount we are "under the cap". The more under you go the higher salary you can trade for at the trading deadline.

This is a difficult question. Curious to hear your thoughts.
To state the obvious; the more banked Cap Space, the more can be spent on 'Rentals' and/or needed players as things pop up... So, that said, it makes sense to me to build up as much Banked Cap Space as possible... as long as it does not hurt the team on a game to game basis over the long haul -- I hope I put that across in a manner that conveys how I am seeing it.

Rathje was an albatross and I will never forget the anguish on Homer's face during the STH Town Meeting a couple seasons back after I questioned him on how they would handle the added Cap Space when Rathje was gone... and he went off on how Rathje hurt the team that year and how they could have went out and obtained a better Rental player that would have greatly helped their chances going into that postseason.

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