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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
It had nothing to do with "talent assessment" and everything to do with the fact that Grabovski was a problem in the room and a step away from heading to the KHL. To pretend like those weren't factors in the trade is wrong.
yeah I've heard this argument , three times in fact.

1) Ribeiro
2) Grabovski
3) Kostitsyn

Wonder if there's ever been another team in history that traded away 3 players for zilch and had those players lead their new team in scoring (and mysteriously and suddenly drop the PROBLEM label that supposedly led to their trade).

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
When was a 28+28=56 guy given away? You're way out in left field.
I am not, but if I was in left field you couldn't see me from your alternate universe.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Plus they got a 2nd round pick and a guy just drafted in the 5th round(Patteryn) in return. Not sure how that qualifies as "giving him away" in any way, shape or form?
Where on the roster is there anything close to the 28+28=56 resulting from that trade. Answer: there is zilch. nada. nothing.

We're off topic on this thread. /done

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